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What gets in the way

So I guess I love my blog so much that I can’t bring myself to write in it. As I emerge from the clouds of grief, writing becomes more possible. But this morning as I was getting ready I found there are all sorts of thoughts that get in the way, such as:

  • I could write about the skincare line I love! (But it’s expensive and that would be wrong to write about something that’s expensive.)
  • I could write about being an empty-nester for four days now. (But what do I know?)
  • Perhaps I could write on the impact gaining 10 pounds has on me. (But nobody cares about that.)

A few months back I was listening to Rob Lowe on NPR. I’ve always assumed he was an idiot, because look at him! He can’t possible be smart AND that beautiful, right? Well, I was wrong about this. He was talking about writing a book and said this very important thought, “Everyone can write, because nobody else can tell your unique story.”

I started a blog in 2005 while training for the Women’s Tri Fitness competition, and wrote in it for 4 years. Then my parents life fell apart and I wrote less and less, mainly because I couldn’t care enough to write about fitness when there were BIG UNSOLVABLE PROBLEMS that I was dealing with.┬áToday I’m gathering up the courage to return to writing once again. It’s been 8 months since my dad died and I can tell that the sadness is easing. Yesterday I went to the county office to get another death certificate, and doing that didn’t take me out emotionally. This is a very good thing.

With nervous butterflies in my tummy, I press Publish.

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