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Unwelcome tenants, an update

on November 21, 2014


I’m losing weight. Yay! Just as gaining weight was no mystery, neither is losing a few pounds. Here’s what’s working for me:

  1. Increased moderate activity. I have a fitbit. My personal goal is 15,000 steps a day, and my high goal is 20,000 steps. As I was gaining weight, my steps were about half that. Not everyone can or should have the same goal as I do. There are medical conditions that make activity difficult. If I worked in an office, I’m not sure that my goal would be possible. But as I’ve committed to hitting 15K every day, there’s more ease in my clothes. I have a friend who’s an accountant, which is a pretty sedentary job. He averages 22K steps per day, and regularly kicks my ass in the fitbit race. How does he do this? He walks most mornings before work, sometimes leaving his house at 4:30 to get his long walks in. I’m both impressed and infuriated by his consistency and dedication. (Mark, if you’re reading this, I’m gunning for you!)
  2. A little more mindfulness when it comes to food. Like I said, I’m an emotional eater. And the foods that soothe my aching heart the best are full of sugar and fat, maybe with a touch of salt to bring out the sweetness. Easing back on these kinds of indulgences is helping.
  3. Increased high-level activity. I belong to OrangeTheory Fitness and I love what they do. If you’re not familiar with OrangeTheory, it’s a workout where you wear a heart rate monitor to track in real time the intensity of effort as you do a 1 hour treadmill/rowing machine/weight training workout. I joined before they opened in Roseville in April. I was not using my membership much when the pounds were coming on. Now I’ve recommitted to twice a week workouts there. Thank goodness I have a hot tub!

One response to “Unwelcome tenants, an update

  1. Elizabeth Sedway says:

    Delighted to hear the eviction proceedings are going smoothly. I feel both inspired and intimidated by the idea of employing the same practices. Given my health, I might start with a one day a week commitment to walk. Thanks for the inspiration!

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