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on January 4, 2015

Ever since seeing Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly” with his seven identical suits (one for every day of the week) I’ve wanted a uniform. The simplicity of not having to choose what to wear, combined with the assurance you’re wearing the right thing (because it’s the only think you’re supposed to wear) equal freedom to me. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel this way if I’d ever actually worn a uniform in school. Hmmmmm. Nope. I’d still love the idea of a uniform.

My husband would tell you that at times I did have a uniform. When the boys were toddlers, nearly every photograph will attest to my love of one pair of Victoria’s Secret overalls with a plain white t-shirt. (I loved those overalls so much that when the buckle broke on one side, I fixed it with a bread twist tie. True story.) At that time keeping up with two little boys and their little boy energy took everything I had, and I loved that zero thought needed to go towards what I would wear.

Looks like we all got the uniform memo!

Looks like we all got the uniform memo!

Recently I’ve read a number of article about minimalism, and today I saw a piece about having a capsule wardrobe. The idea is that you have a limited number of pieces that go with each other. I think this is a great idea. And I may try it out. But for now I have a formula for what I wear, and that seems to be working. Here’s the formula:

  • jeans or pants
  • t shirt
  • a third piece

Just knowing that this is how I dress makes it so much simpler. Generally speaking I keep 2 of the 3 pieces neutral, and use a bright color for the other piece or I bring in color with a scarf or a necklace. Right now what that looks like is cobalt/dark teal jeans, a grey Michael Stars sweatshirt (fabric is dressed up, silhouette is casual), and oops, no third piece. This combo doesn’t seem to need it, but I do have a multi-colored necklace on that ties in the pants. At other times the formula is black skinny jeans, white t shirt, and a bright cardigan. The third piece seems to pull everything together and make it look a little more grown up somehow.

Where the formula falls apart is in the summer. Temps in Rocklin are regularly in the high 90s/low 100s which makes a 3rd piece superfluous. Perhaps this summer I’ll try the capsule wardrobe thing. If I figure anything out, you know I’ll let you know.

One response to “I WANT A UNIFORM!

  1. Tanya says:

    The summer third piece is always flip flops or super cute strappy sandals!!!

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