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Blogging, a love story

on March 17, 2015

I started my first blog in 2005. It was called Fortysomething Fitness and it gave me a place to share the wild and wonderful experience of training for a fitness competition. The journey from “body by white mochas” to walking across a stage in a micro-bikini and stripper heels was just too interesting to *not* write about. And once the competition was over, I continued to write, mostly about fitness but also about marriage and parenting and the ins and outs of suburban life.

Starbucks white mochas + plantar fasciitis = me at age 44

Starbucks white mochas + plantar fasciitis = me at age 44


What a difference 6 months and a great trainer can make.

Most than a year later, I alluded in a blog post to getting ready for surgery. (I got boobs. I’m happy I did it, and I would do it again.) This information got back to a family member who I hadn’t told about the surgery. They were oh so hurt. And the only thing I could think to do, the only action I could take to prove my love and loyalty, was to delete what I’d written. It only took a few keystrokes for my blog to vanish.

But I still wanted to write. My next blog was the second half of my very favorite Abraham Lincoln quote: Whatever you are, be a good one. (You can read the first post of this blog here.) Now that fitness was out of the title, I felt free to explore just about anything about life. But then, life got in the way, as life tends to do. My parents were both failing and their situation became mine, and although I tried to keep writing it just didn’t make any sense to me to share a new recipe when my insides were screaming, “OH MY GOD MY PARENTS ARE SICK AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO HELP THEM!” I posted less and less frequently, and finally stopped altogether.

Which brings us to now. My heart is full of appreciation for anyone who is reading Girlschool for Grownups. Writing is a funny thing. I try to write as though nobody is watching, which helps me to be freer (that doesn’t look right, but you know what I mean) in expressing myself. But I’m not sure if I would have the discipline to continue writing if I didn’t get feedback from readers. So to everyone who has liked a post on Facebook, commented on Facebook, commented on WordPress or subscribed on WordPress, I humbly say thank you.

So I have a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) of having 100 WordPress subscribers. If you like what you see, would you consider:

  • sharing a post on Facebook
  • emailing a post to a friend
  • subscribing if you haven’t done so already

It’s scary to put this out there, and also feels slightly ridiculous. Nothing changes if 100 people subscribe. (Well, maybe I will give one reader a nice present when I reach this number.) But just because what I’m doing doesn’t cure cancer or cause world peace, that’s no reason to dismiss the idea of wanting to shoot for something, right?

One final note about comments — at this point I don’t reply directly to WordPress comments because I’m working on writing more consistently. So until I’ve got that down, I will read each and every comment and say a silent prayer of gratitude for the writer.

3 responses to “Blogging, a love story

  1. James S says:

    I have lots of favorite Lincoln quotes (having read a six-volume biography), but the best, for me, is what he said when asked what religion he was.

    “When I do good, I feel good, and when I do bad, I feel bad. And that is my religion.

    As for the one you quoted, well, you are a good blogger. Keep it up!

  2. Sue Galster says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and feel like I get to know a little bit more about you with each blog post. You have always had the gift of writing and you still do. Keep it up, Leslie! You bless me and others.

    (It’s ok not to reply… the replying to emailing can bog down the majority of my day if I let it. We live in a crazy, info-packed world and email can be a burden.) But I still like you and like your blog. A lot. The end.

    It’s a good life~

    Sue Galster

    CAL BRE #01334310

    916-966-8700 office

    916-718-1472 cell

  3. Jewel says:

    *whispers* I don’t know how to subscribe.

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