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The magic? of bulletproof coffee

on April 12, 2016

Several years ago I heard about bulletproof coffee, aka coffee with special fat mixed in a blender. It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But it tastes like a latte. There’s a guy who has a website devoted to the bulletproof lifestyle. He says you will do better with special reduced toxin coffee beans and his “brain octane” oil instead of coconut oil. I bought his beans and the oil when I first heard about it. The beans tasted bland. The oil seemed like oil. And my life was kind of chaotic so after about a week I was no longer willing to go through the effort to make the special coffee.

Recently a friend told me that her husband was doing bulletproof coffee and loving it. My life is not a chaotic as it once was. And the idea of steady balanced energy (as opposed to the jittery anxious energy of my morning diet Monster) seemed worth trying. Once again I bought the special oil, because c’mon, if anyone’s brain needs the brain octane oil, it’s mine.

Now three weeks into this adventure I have some good things to report.

  • I *do* have steady balanced energy for many hours after my coffee.
  • I have more self-control when it comes to high carb or sugary snacks.
  • I get full faster when I eat lunch.
  • My waist is more defined and my stomach is flatter.
  • I’ve dropped a few pounds.

One of the real tests of the magic happened last week. I’m working as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate — the best volunteer job in the world!) and had a chance to attend a CEU workshop. The all-day seminar was titled “Trauma-Informed Decision Making.” I thought, “Great. It will be interesting and I can just kick back and listen. Easy day.” Nobody told me that seminars that address trauma can be butt-kickers for people who’ve dealt with trauma themselves. In the morning session I bounced between feeling nauseated and sad. And hey, guess what? There were hundreds of Noah’s Bagels with every flavor of cream cheese spread you can think of. For free! In the back of the room. A bagel could have been just the thing to diminish the bad feelings. And there’s nothing wrong with saying yes or no to a bagel. But I know my brain and body operate better on fewer carbs. And although the temptation to numb out with food was strong, my internal control was stronger. People, this is new territory for me. And it was everything to do with feeling satisfied from my fat coffee!

If anyone has tried bulletproof coffee, I’d love to hear your experience. Oh and if you want a guideline to making it, here goes:

  • However much coffee you want
  • 1 – 3 teaspoons* of coconut oil (or the special oil if you think you need it)
  • 2 teaspoons high-quality butter (like Kerrygold or another fancy schmancy brand)
  • 1 packet Splenda (the bulletproof guy would shriek in horror at this, but I like how it tastes)

Mix all of this on high in a blender. Enjoy. * if you have a sensitive tummy, go slow on the oil at first. It can cause hurry poop if you’re not careful. 🙂


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