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Thanksgiving tips

I have nothing to say about the food or the tabletop. But I have two important reminders that may help this to be the best Thanksgiving yet:

  1. You know how sometimes your parents (or your brother or your sister) can do something and you’re immediately upset? Like you try to act calm on the outside but inside you can feel your blood pressure rising? Take a deep breath. If that doesn’t help, take another one. And remember the words of my oh-so-wise therapist friend, “Of course your parents/family can push your buttons. They’re the ones who installed them.” Truth.
  2. I wrote about this a few weeks back, but it bears repeating: if they’reĀ is unhappy, put them in water. This statement originally referred to children, but consider applying this to yourself. If you’re feeling stressed out, take a shower. Take a bath. (Of course this won’t work if you’re at your aunt and uncle’s house. Random showering reads crazy.)

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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